100% organic quality

Our Huilerie partners with organic farmers across the world. They supply us with organic oil seeds and oleaginous fruits that we press for oils to make our products. We therefore choose to purchase the value of high-quality organic production, which tends to mean smaller yields, protects nature’s ability to feed us sustainably, and ensures a decent income for every farmer.

Know-how since 1920

The story of our Huilerie – inspired in 1920 by Monsieur Noël, master miller, and built over nearly 50 years by brand founder Emile Noël Jr – is continuing today under the leadership of the third and fourth generations, Annick Garnier (chairman) and David Garnier (chief executive).
It is the story of a family-run mill, then of an artisanal business that became an SME seeking to conquer continents. And also the story of a Provencal family with a passion, who have never forgotten the core of their trade. Organic virgin vegetable oil is the essence of nature and of farming the land: reveal the best of seeds and fruits, and you reveal the best of Man.

In 1972, we were the first oil millers in France to press organically-farmed seeds with Nature et Progrès certification. In the ‘80s, Emile Noël invented blended oils whose balanced fatty acids were commended by nutritionists. Long before fair trade reached the mainstream, the company directly developed equitable, solidarity-based commercial relationships with sesame growers in Africa. Starting in the ‘90s, we were always among the first players in our sector to be certified to quality standards: ISO, Organic Solidarity, Organic Fair Trade, Cosmébio, etc. And today, leveraging our in-house R&D capability, we continue to move forward…

Why Emile Noël is organic

Choosing organic food means preferring produce farmed without chemical fertilisers, synthetic pesticides or GMOs. According to several recent studies by scientists and NGOs* in France, Europe and the United States, organic foods have higher levels of health-promoting nutrients: vitamins C and E, dry matter, essential fatty acids, magnesium and iron, natural antioxidants such as polyphenols, etc.
Eating organic also means encouraging a kind of farming guided by respect for living things: rotating and mixing crops, composting and recycling natural organic matter, green fertilisers, fighting parasites and pests in organic, non-chemical ways – all of these sophisticated methods give farmers a central role in their profession, and protect their health. In fact, these methods are subject to stringent organic certification, conducted by independent inspection bodies and based on European regulation no. 834/2007.
Organic farming is also kind to nature. It doesn’t disrupt its cycles, balance or biodiversity. It doesn’t abuse its resources, and improves the quality of soil and water. Its good practices stretch right along organic food supply chains.
Processors and manufacturers are also subject to certification: they can only use non-polluting processes that respect the environment and use very small amounts of additives and adjuvants… And here’s a noteworthy fact: only products containing over 95% of organic ingredients can show France’s “AB” organic-farming logo on their label.

Organic food is one part of sustainable consumption, which encourages fair trade, to ensure decent pay for producers; social responsibility, for dignified working conditions; and eco-designed products that respect the environment: recycling, ecolabels, energy savings, reduction of CO2, etc.
Organic farming does not force nature; it fills it with confidence. Organic farming favours quality, seasonality, and yields that promote a more concentrated taste. Organic farming cultivates a diversity that helps us rediscover forgotten flavours and encourages us to eat a balanced diet!

* French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES), Institut du Cancer/Inserm Montpellier, Novethic, Biodynamics (USA), Soil Association (UK), Quality Low Input Food (QLIF)

By choosing an Emile Noël oil, you choose:

•in our approach to organic farming and fair and solidarity-based trade: these are working methods and also paths to social, environmental and economic progress, not labels that sprinkle stardust on the product.
• of quality products that are good to the palate and good for the body, with careful consumer guidance through tailored information on nutrition and cosmetics.
• in our approach to business, based on stringent adherence to current regulations, certifications and standards in France and internationally (organic farming, creation and operation of Organic Fair Trade and Organic Solidarity supply chains, production of organic foods and cosmetics, etc.).
• of constant quality control and compliance: internal in our laboratory, and external with the independent certification bodies.
• for people: from farmer to bottle maker, and all the companies and trade organisations in our sector, as we endeavour to continuously improve our working relationships with suppliers and partners.
• for our long-term commitments, which underpin our trading, partnerships, and commercial ties with our stakeholders.
• for the earth: soils, habitats, climate, and the rhythms of nature.

Organic oil: pure enjoyment

Enjoy their taste…
Extracted without using additives, chemical treatments or high temperatures, Emile Noël’s organic virgin vegetable oils express the honest, authentic flavours of their seeds or fruit. They’re perfect for the kitchen!

Enjoy the choice…
Emile Noël now makes over 20 organic virgin vegetable oils, not to mention blended oils that combine the benefits of each one. There’s a taste for everyone’s palate and every style of cooking – to help you eat a varied, balanced diet.

Enjoy them daily…
Emile Noël’s organic virgin vegetable oils can be used every day for cooking and seasoning, depending on the uses of each kind of seed or fruit. Their great taste means you can tailor amounts to each recipe – there’s no point using lots, because there’s more taste in every drop!

Company charter

Our purpose:
• Organic virgin vegetable oil is a quintessential expression of nature and farming. Since the start, we have been guided by the idea that if you reveal the best of seeds and fruits, you reveal the best of man.
That is why we have always stayed focused on the miller’s trade, contributing to every advance that is useful for our civilisation:
• A varied and balanced diet
• Respect for the soil, natural habitats, climate, and the rhythms of nature
• Trust, recognition, skills development, and family spirit at work
• A humanist vision of trading and commercial relationships.

Our policy choices:
• A human-scaled SME
• A long-standing partnership with organic farmers
• A business based on the pure expression of taste, and on the properties of each seed
• Promoting a varied diet, with more than 20 varieties of crushed seeds that go into 300 products
• Creating and supporting supply chains with Organic Fair Trade certification or the Organic Solidarity label.

Our business ethics:
• A sincere approach to organic, fair trade, and solidarity-based supply chains
• A working method based on adherence to regulations, certifications and standards
• A constant, efficient programme of quality and compliance inspections
• A process of continuous improvement in working relationships with our suppliers and partners
• Long-term stability and commitment to underpin our trading, partnerships and commercial ties with our stakeholders.

Discover our organic oils:

The world’s largest range of first cold pressed, organic virgin oils

Huilerie Emile Noël selects 20 varieties of oil seeds and oleaginous fruits, pressed mostly at our mill in Pont Saint-Esprit or by partner millers who, like us, make virgin, first cold pressed oil. Olive oil is the king of the range, featured in an array of taste profiles and terroirs as well as in new-release, filtered and flavoured versions. In line with our commitment to dietary balance and variety, the Huilerie also produces classics (rapeseed/canola, sunflower, sesame, soya…), special favourites (almond, walnut, grapeseed, camelina…), rarities (flax, hemp, pumpkin seed…) and treasures (argan, sweet almond, avocado, evening primrose…). Other stars in our range are our healthy and tasty blends of two to five oils, combining their respective fatty acids that are essential for our body. And Emile Noël also makes a range of special cooking oils (for frying, stir-frys, and sauces).

Huilerie Emile Noël means ...

• 100% of our staff work in Gard and in France.

• 6,000 m2 of premises in Pont-Saint-Esprit.

• 1,800 organic retailers throughout France

Priority to short, local and organic distribution networks

Émile Noël is partner to specialised organic retail networks through which our products are sold in local stores all over France. We feel a deep attachment to local life, like a windmill to its village, and we have always been based in Gard, at Pont-Saint-Esprit. Everything is there: oil presses, manufacturing, packaging lines, the quality laboratory, our teams, etc.

Apart for the raw materials that will not grow on French soils or in the French climate, we use French farms and businesses for all our other raw materials, services, controls, supplies and more.

And we always favour short distribution networks: for example, 90% of our packaging is manufactured in the south of France. Thanks to our Bio Solidaire supply networks, many products in our ranges are entirely produced and made in France: grown, manufactured and packed.

On the oils trail

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