A life, a passion, a trade

Father Christmas really does exist... “Some people, who are long-standing connoisseurs of Emile Noël products, are amazed to find out I’m real. And that’s very nice, it makes me feel younger!” says the oil mill’s founder, with a cheeky glint in his eye. Light years away from the advertising images cooked up from scratch by marketing “hotshots”, Emile Noël is much more than a name on an organic-oil label; and much more than the photo of a reassuring face in a catalogue or brochure!

He is a man of flesh and blood, of passion and exacting standards. Of that I can assure you, because I’ve met him! And the company he built with his own hands – the fruit of his lifelong passion for oil – is here to prove it. His calm and jovial face, 82 summers young, lights up when he talks about the milestones in this adventure.

And his pale-blue eyes moisten when, in his colourful southern-French accent, he recalls emotional memories. Moments of sadness and of intense happiness. The blows of fate, and the gifts of life.

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