An ever-expanding range

In 1981, convinced by the rosy future of natural and organic food, Emile Noël decided to set up a preserve-making business, Midi Provence, in partnership with a professional chef. Once again, everything started in the basement at home, where they concocted tomato sauces, tapenades, anchovy creams, ravioli… “We were first to make organic tomato sauces, and it went very well,” says Emile Noël proudly. By 1984, the business was growing fast, and relocated to Bollène, near Pont-Saint-Esprit. This “Emile Noël” branded product range kept on growing, to include ready meals, vinaigrettes, mustards, and Southern French specialities.

Meanwhile, Emile Noël’s range of organic oils really took off in the late 1980s. The organic sunflower and sesame oils of the early days were joined by organic olive oil, and then many others... Emile Noël was travelling widely to find the best raw materials and, whenever possible, to meet with his growers on their farms.