Annick Garnier, Emile Noel’s daughter

At the head of the business, Annick Garnier looks confidently to the future: “I’m very happy to be in this trade. Like Papa, I was born in oil, and so were my children. We have a high-performing company, which is rare, and operate in a niche that is bound to expand!” Her brother, Frédéric, also works at the Huilerie; as did her older sister Irène, who retired after running the laboratory. Annick’s husband Gérard, who died before his time, also poured all his energy into the adventure, assisting his father-in-law. Meanwhile, their son David recently joined his mother at the Huilerie. It is still too early to predict the decision of Naïs, David’s seven-year-old daughter, Emile’s great-granddaughter… The whole family has always gravitated, and continues to gravitate, around the company. “If Papa could see that, how happy he’d be!” exclaims Emile with emotion.

Like her father, Annick believes in organic: “It’s the future. It’s the Earth we’re going to leave to our children. And besides, eating healthily helps keep you young, attractive and healthy.”
The organic economy is more vibrant than ever before. New opportunities are opening up for Emile Noël: producing for big corporations who want to develop their own organic brand; acquiring small firms to continue expanding the Emile Noël-branded range of organic products; and meeting the growing global demand for organic products in order to expand the company’s export business. Not to mention the cosmetic sector, in which Annick mentions three projects that are particularly close to her heart: “I want to develop our organic cosmetics business – under our Emma Noël brand, through bulk sales, and in the form of toll-manufactured products produced for big cosmetics brands who are interested in our precious know-how.” She concludes: “The other key challenge is, of course, to keep our number-one position in the French market for organic oils!”