Company Charter

In the beginning...

Founded between Provence and the Cévennes in 1920, Huilerie Emile Noël built its growth on the values of its founder, which he handed down to his family members who run the company today: trust in man and nature, the audacity to blaze new trails and openness to the world and progress.

Local approach, global responsibility.

Mills are as old as man. They have always embodied the collective tool, the one around which human communities gather to share and process their harvests. Huilerie Émile Noël takes this symbol to heart; it has inspired its carefully controlled development into a company that is rooted in local life like a mill is tied to its village. Even on the other side of the world, our relationships remain marked by close alliances with people and their land, short supply and distribution chains, and the presence in organic retailers at the heart of towns and villages. This strategy impels us to maintain and grow our direct relationships in France, in Europe and on other continents, with hundreds of thousands of farmers, consumers, suppliers, grocers, customers and more. For the good of everyone, we work to ensure that all our activity and its impact, from the seeds sown in Mali to the oil bottle recycled in France, is part of a responsible, high-quality, fair trade, and sustainable development model for the world that brings us together.

Our purpose.

• Organic virgin vegetable oil is a quintessential expression of nature and farming. The idea that has guided us from the beginning is that by revealing the best of the fruit we can reveal the best of man. This is why we have always carried out our milling work by contributing to all of the advances that are useful to our civilisation:
> Balanced and varied diets for better human health and the pleasure of the palate.
> Respect for the soil, the landscape, the climate and nature's rhythms for a form of agriculture that can nourish humanity over the long run.
> Trust, recognition, skills building and a family spirit at work for a business model in which all participants are aware of and feel their role as stakeholders and actors.
> Humanist vision of economic and commercial exchanges to promote local development, social progress and quality of life for everyone whose activities cross paths with ours.

Our corporate choices.

• The human size of the SME; to work, communicate, trade, and develop projects.

• A well-established partnership with organic farming, with a view to offering both quality and diversity of raw materials while guaranteeing farming methods that are in touch with the earth, people and the environment.

• An activity that is based on the purest expression of the taste and the properties of each seed in first cold pressed virgin oils, obtained only through artisan and traditional mechanical processes.

• The promotion of food diversity with over 20 types of seeds crushed by the oil mill and turned into 300 different products.

• The creation of and support for supply chains that are certified Organic Fair Trade or bear the Organic Solidarity label, wherever our company’s needs are in line with local sustainable development.

Our contribution.

• Economics: A leading enterprise in its market in France, a driver of innovation and improvement in the organic agriculture sector.

• Health: A promoter of the general public's access to the benefits of organic virgin oils in food and cosmetic products.

• Environment : An actor which contributes to the maintenance and development, in France and around the world, of sustainable organic agriculture in a vibrant rural setting; a company which fights global warming as a producer of solar energy engaged in an active effort to control and reduce its carbon dioxide emissions.

• Employment: A defender of responsible labour practices both internally and externally (profit-sharing, job placement activities, participatory management, etc.).

Our operating ethics.

• Commitment to our organic, fair trade, and solidarity policies: Émile Noël has been crushing organic seed since 1972 and has been trading with respect for Africa and Africans since 1985. We did not wait for anyone. At a time when the industrialisation of organic and fair trade certifications is so profligate it risks losing all meaning and quality, we maintain what we have always said: organic agriculture and fair trade are working methods—paths toward social, environmental and economic progress, rather than labels meant to enhance a product's appeal.

• A working method based on adherence to organic farming regulations, certifications and specifications that exist in France and around the world, the creation and leadership of organic fair trade and organic solidarity programmes, the production of organic foodstuffs and cosmetics...

• Continuous quality control and compliance, internally in our laboratory and externally with independent certification bodies.

• A policy of continuous improvement of our relationships and work with our suppliers and partners, from the farmer to the bottler and including the companies and professional organisations in our sector.

• Stability and long-term commitment as the pillars of our transactions, our partnerships and our business relations.