Company Charter

Our purpose:

• Organic virgin vegetable oil is a quintessential expression of nature and farming. Since the start, we have been guided by the idea that if you reveal the best of seeds and fruits, you reveal the best of man.
That is why we have always stayed focused on the miller’s trade, contributing to every advance that is useful for our civilisation:
• A varied and balanced diet
• Respect for the soil, natural habitats, climate, and the rhythms of nature
• Trust, recognition, skills development, and family spirit at work
• A humanist vision of trading and commercial relationships.

Our policy choices:

• A human-scaled SME
• A long-standing partnership with organic farmers
• A business based on the pure expression of taste, and on the properties of each seed
• Promoting a varied diet, with more than 20 varieties of crushed seeds that go into 300 products
• Creating and supporting supply chains with Organic Fair Trade certification or the Organic Solidarity label.

Our business ethics:

• A sincere approach to organic, fair trade, and solidarity-based supply chains
• A working method based on adherence to regulations, certifications and standards
• A constant, efficient programme of quality and compliance inspections
• A process of continuous improvement in working relationships with our suppliers and partners
• Long-term stability and commitment to underpin our trading, partnerships and commercial ties with our stakeholders.