Responsible and sustainable supplies

To provide you with the best oils we need the finest seeds and nuts. These raw materials are our number one added value. We only get them through partnerships built to last, based on trust and fairness here in France, overseas and everywhere we do business. This is why we have been working with organic farmers for 40 years, all over the world. For 30 years, we have also been creating our own networks to guarantee the quality, transparency and safety of our supplies, avoiding complex distribution channels, intermediary traders and speculation. In France and all over the world, our logic is a simple and healthy one: work as close as possible to organic farming, create strong long-term links with producers through fair agreements and win-win commitments, apply rigorous specifications reflecting cultural, social, environmental and economic responsibility. Huilerie Émile Noël has 7 Bio Équitable networks for the most part in Africa and 6 others in the South of France, all labelled Bio Solidaire or about to be.

"Ethical products to match the aspirations of organic consumers"

Nos filières

Our Bio Solidaire networks in France (under Ecocert Solidaire control)

• Labelled: sunflower, camelina.
• Pending labelling: hemp, linseed, milk thistle, Périgord walnut.

Our Bio Equitable networks around the world (under Ecocert Equitable control)
• Mali: sesame, shea, baobab seed.
• Turkey: hazelnut.
• Dominican Republic: cocoa butter.
• Morocco: argan for the cosmetic and food industries
• Kenya: avocado.