Emile Noël and the specialist organic channels

The rise of Huilerie Emile Noël and of many other long-standing firms in the organic sector (which are often led by charismatic figures) definitely fostered the development of organic-product shops. This spirit of competition between the big organic producers and the points of sale helps to explain the striking development, over the past 40 years, of the distribution network that makes Emile Noël products available to consumers.

In the 1970s, after years of supplying his customers directly, Emile Noël worked with maisons de régime (health shops) whose mission was to sell wholesome products of high nutritional quality. In the 1980s, magasins de diététique (dietary shops) took over, appearing just about everywhere. While their focus was not specifically organic, they highlighted the intrinsic qualities of virgin oils. Only in the 1990s did organic food shops really develop, reaching beyond simple dietary concerns. In the past two decades, they have steadily multiplied and become larger. Today, organic retailers – from stall to supermarket – offer the public a wide choice of foods.