In-house inspections and laboratory

Increasingly frequent quality controls

Émile Noël has its own quality and R&D laboratory, headed by a doctor of chemistry. A dedicated team of four staff conducts an internal inspection plan, which is updated twice-yearly with the latest changes to French and EU regulations. From raw-material sampling before purchase through to end-product storage, the lab constantly reviews our oil inspection parameters throughout the production cycle. It generates all documentation to do with quality and traceability: accreditations (Ecocert, non-allergenic), certificates (GM free, non-ionised), technical factsheets and safety factsheets for our oils, batch analysis reports, etc.

The laboratory also conducts our R&D to drive the performance of ourselves and our customers: physico-chemical analysis of our oils, optimisation of production processes, formulation and development of new foods and cosmetics, etc.

Our compliance with the specifications and standards of the certifications, regulations and programmes by which we are bound is verified yearly by many impromptu inspections and audits by independent bodies - Ecocert (organic and traceability certification), ISO 9001 (quality and traceability certification, version 2008), IFS-BRC (retailer food safety standard), GMPs (good manufacturing practices), etc. – and supplemented by comparative analyses with fellow laboratories.

Sensory analysis: Émile Noël’s taste compass

The oils in the Émile Noël range that are supplied by our milling partners undergo the same physico-chemical checks as our own oils, but also organoleptic inspection by a sensory-analysis panel. Every week, 10 tasters meet at our lab to blind-test the aromatic criteria and constancy of flavour of our virgin vegetable oils – especially the olive oils, which are graded for quality and spread across the range.