In my father’s footsteps

Young Emile decided to leave school to go and work with his father. “I was a good pupil, and had almost finished by engineering studies in Nîmes, which my father was following closely, when things suddenly became clear. The pleasure of making oil was rooted inside me. I told my father, ‘Papa, I’m giving up. Tomorrow, we’ll make oil.’”

For Emile Noël, it seemed natural to repeat the gestures of his master-miller father. He earned his driving licence, and his father bought him a small truck. Brimming with energy, determination and ingenious ideas, Emile laid the first stones of his professional life. Within a radius of 50 kilometres, he went to collect olives directly from the farmers, and delivered their oil a few days later. “We worked very hard. For the same price, I made the return trip to the farm. I closed down a few artisanal mills, I must confess. That was bad of me...” he says, adopting a sheepish expression that fools no one.