Inspiration from around the world

Since day one, Emile Noël has been faithful to the adage, “To make good oils, you need good seeds”. Clearly, the success of his oils also stems from raw materials of optimal quality.
In 40 years, the master miller has developed an extensive portfolio of oil seeds and oleaginous fruits, for making an original and varied range of oils. This wealth of raw materials is due largely to his passion for travel. Blending recreation and business trips to see his customers, Emile Noël has always combined his travel around the world with discovering new organically-farmed, oil-yielding crops. “In every country I visited,” he explains, “I was always thinking ‘what seeds or fruits can I take back to press?’” Which is how, on his journeys, he met growers and built strong partnerships on five continents.

Starting with Spain, land of olive trees. Emile discovered a superb family-owned olive estate in Andalucia; this yielded a very fruitful partnership, which continues today. Another fertile destination was Australia, where Emile met organic growers of the thistle-like safflower, and added safflower seed oil to his range. There are plenty of other examples: Emile brought back pumpkin seeds from China; apricot kernels from Turkey; sesame seeds from Burkina Faso and Mali… Later, hazelnut and walnut oils joined the catalogue.

This trend steadily strengthened to product the current range of organic oils. Huilerie Emile Noël now sells about 30 oil products – the widest range on the market!