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This website contains a presentation of: Huilerie Émile Noel, the family-owned French leader in the organic, virgin, first cold pressed oils market; the company’s artisanal oil-making method; its sesame-growing experience in Mali; the AB and Organic Fair Trade labels; and information on oil quality, Ecocert inspections, the company’s built-in laboratory and ISO 9001 certification.
The Émile Noel product catalogue contains more than 150 organic, AB-certified products (olive oil, rapeseed oil, Omega Saveurs, argan, flax, walnut, cooked dishes, etc.); an array of recipes; the list of sales outlets in France, with the addresses of retailers who stock Émile Noël-branded products; dossiers on the Organic Fair Trade label, omega fatty acids, etc.; numerous press articles testifying to the quality of our products; and updates on the company’s latest products, offerings and the company itself.


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