Organic fair trade, Production boxed text

The five stages of organic fair trade sesame.

May to June > Preparation

• Soil ploughing and enrichment with organic fertiliser and manure (e.g. compost prepared with waste from dead leaves, sesame stalks, millet, bush plants, etc.).

Mid-July to early August > Sowing

• Sowing with a gardener's line (4 to 5 kg of seed per hectare).

August to October > Tending

• Weeding, plant thinning to select the best stalks, etc.

Late October to early November > Harvest

• Manual mowing of stalks and bundling on site.

• After the bundles have cured, threshing and winnowing followed by bagging of the seeds (between 150 and 300 kilos per farmed hectare) and delivery to collection points in the villages.

• Weighing and completion of the purchasing sheet, storage of seeds until they are collected by the OHVN.

• After negotiations between Émile Noël, the certifying organisation and the OHVN, a minimum cycle price is defined per kilo of sesame produced. Émile Noël makes an advance payment to the OHVN which buys the quantities reported by the producers in their intention lists.

November > Start of deliveries

• The harvest is transported to Bamako where it is winnowed again and packed in bulk into containers for shipment to France; six 18-tonne containers depart each month.

• The final cycle price is defined: it may be reassessed in light of the international demand for sesame. Huilerie Émile Noël then disburses a payment supplement.