Organic Fair Trade & Solidarity

Émile Noël was the first oil mill in France to crush seeds from organic farms (Nature et Progrès certification) in 1972.
It pioneered socially responsible trade years before it was called "fair trade" by launching the first organic production programme with traceability in West Africa in 1985.

Now organic agriculture is everywhere, but what kind of agriculture are we talking about?
Fair trade is everywhere, but what kind of trade are we talking about?

At Émile Noël, organic agriculture and fair trade reflect our vision of the world.

The kind of agriculture we are talking about connects us to the earth, honours its rhythms and works naturally on a human scale, here and elsewhere.

The kind of trade we are talking about is a practice that never forgets to be direct, sincere, balanced, sustainable and rigorous, here and elsewhere.

Our commodity chains :

• Organic Fair Trade






Shea Tree Butter

Cacoa Butter (Kaoka)

• Organic Solidarity




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