Organic Solidarity

Organic Solidarity: a local commitment with the region’s farmers

Huilerie Émile Noël has always preferred, where possible, to create local supply chains for its raw materials. The best example of this is the sunflower supply chain. The company has a long-standing partnership with six farmers’ cooperatives, mostly located in the Rhône-Mediterranean basin and covering 450 hectares. As a result, for this oil we source all of our seeds locally.

This supply-chain policy has the advantage of reducing transport-related pollution, and fits into an eco-friendly and sustainable approach.
In addition, this policy helps maintain a rural and organic-farming fabric in our regions of supply.
It also gives our customers a guarantee of total traceability of our seeds, and primarily of product availability at a time when the organic market is growing strongly.

Every year, this approach is extended to other seeds: camelina, high-oleic sunflower, and most of the deodorised oils, for cooking.
Émile Noël’s corporate wish is to offer an ever-wider catalogue of Organic Solidarity-labelled products, as terroir and climate allow. Local organic first, global organic second.

Sunflower is grown worldwide. In countries such as Argentina, Italy, Ukraine, Romania and many others, plantations are huge, farming is intensive, social constraints are variable, and yields are high.
Consequently, prices are very competitive compared to French output from Organic Solidarity areas, where crops are farmed on hillsides, the plots are broken up, and farming methods result in lower yields and higher production costs.

Growing organically – or even better

By choosing to source our raw materials in France, and primarily in the nearest legitimate area of production, Emile Noël helps to safeguard a local agricultural model of diverse crops and many farmers. Their high-quality products originate in an identified terroir, and their activity helps sustain a close-knit rural fabric that is key to the balance of regional communities – the very essence of organic farming!