Organic Solidarity: Business

For Émile Noël, organic solidarity trade is above all efficient local trade

Better than a certified industry: an integrated industry.

Huilerie Émile Noël is the end user of the organic solidarity sunflower produced by the farmer members of the partner cooperatives. We created this industry to ensure the safety, transparency, local nature and quality of the products we source. The harvest is not traded on the market; rather it is crushed at Pont Saint-Esprit to be used in our range of oils (notably the Organic Solidarity virgin sunflower oil) and cosmetic products.

A long-term commitment – a guaranteed income.

The Organic Solidarity partnership between Émile Noël and the cooperatives is sealed by a three-year contract that defines the minimum commitment quantities, the minimum safeguarded price, the rule(s) for negotiating the season’s prices and the commitments on both sides to meet the standard’s requirements (for example, the oil mill covers inspection costs).On this basis, each year Émile Noël works with the partner cooperatives to define the land area to be farmed and whose production it will purchase, as well as a cycle price per kilo.

Thus the income generated by the organic solidarity sunflower programme is known in advance, before sowing, which is a guarantee of visibility for the producers and a baseline which minimises price fluctuations.

A short supply chain that benefits the producer and the consumer.
100% of the sunflower processed by Émile Noël is grown in France and 80% is grown in the Rhone valley, within 150 km of the oil mill. We buy directly from the cooperatives without any middlemen; the same principle applies to our sunflower-based products which we distribute directly in 1,200 points of sale within the French network of organic retailers and specialists.

Proximity – a winning economic model.

The organic solidarity standards and approach, to which Émile Noël actively contributes, are not without their technical constraints for the oil mill and for producers. The demands of the technical specifications and production costs in France do have an impact on the price of the harvests and the finished product, whether virgin oil or cosmetics. Unlike short-sighted speculative and commercial approaches that exhaust and devour supply chains, the profitability of organic solidarity is based on guaranteed, localised and lasting quality: quality of the ties between the cooperatives and the oil mill, who have a trusting relationship; quality of the work of French farmers; quality of life for their families with stabilised incomes; quality of rural landscapes sculpted by agriculture; and the quality of seeds used in Émile Noël products which makes the difference to win over customers and earn their loyalty...