Selection and method

Here at Huilerie Emile Noël, we are faithful to the old adage, “It takes good seeds to make good oils”, and are very careful to ensure seeds and fruits of optimal quality. By travelling the world in search of new oil crops (farmed organically), we have developed an original, varied range with considerable taste and nutritional virtues.
Even across the world, our trading activity is characterised by local alliances with people and their terroirs, by short supply and distribution circuits, and by a presence in organic retail networks in the centre of towns and villages. This strategy has led us to maintain and expand direct relationships in France, Europe and other continents with hundreds of thousands of farmers, suppliers, customers, grocers and consumers.
For the good of all, we strive to ensure that all of our business activity and its impacts – from seed sown in Mali to oil bottles recycled in France – are in harmony with the fair, responsible, quality-driven and sustainable development of the world around us.


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