Solidarity-based trade before it was fashionable

All over the world, Emile Noël has the same quality requirements: “You can source organic foods anywhere, so we favour the best supply chains.”
And every time, his approach reached far beyond a basic commercial transaction: “Partners are opportunities to develop a rich, complete cultural bond: I want to get to know the grower, find out how they work, deal with him directly, and establish a loyal, long-term relationship. We trade in large quantities, which puts us in a good position to build quality relationships.”
It was with this mindset that, over 20 years ago, Emile Noël set up a sesame supply chain in Africa. Although today’s notion of solidarity-based trade did not yet exist, this chain had all of its features: guaranteed prices for the grower, quantity commitments, premiums for organic crops, funding for local schools, etc.