We plant in Mali

Émile Noël supports sustainable farming in Mali:

Farming the soil cannot be separated from respect for nature, landscapes and the environment. A partner of African farmers for 25 years, Émile Noël has enriched its Organic Fair Trade approach to its sesame supply chain in Mali through a reforestation programme launched in the production areas northeast of Bamako, the capital.
Over 10 years, Émile Noël’s Organic Fair Trade sesame programme in Mali has extended to reach 8,000 growers in 153 villages.
Today, the chain has direct or indirect impacts on 100,000 people around the farmers, who earn 30%-70% of their yearly income from sesame.

The project has already made it possible to:

• Create, organise and equip 20 nurseries in 14 villages

• Train volunteer nursery managers and growers in good practice for reforestation, fighting erosion, and monitoring planted land

• Produce and plant 50,000 plants in community spaces and in Organic Fair Trade villages

• Diversify vegetation (at least 21 species) and its uses, especially:
- Acacia, for firewood
- Baobab and shea, for commercial activity (harvesting and selling the fruit, feeding populations)
- Barbados nut (bush) to create hedges and reduce erosion, and prepare for potential processing of seeds into biofuel for local energy needs.

• Regulate “intelligently”: bans on bush fires, new clearing, improper felling of trees (protected species: néré, shea, baobab, etc.).