Inspired in 1920 by Monsieur Noël, master-miller, built for nearly 50 years by Emile Noël son, founder of the brand, the history of our oil mill continued under the direction of his daughter Annick Garnier and today through the 4th generation with David Garnier.

“Some people who know Emile Noël products long ago wonder that I exist in the flesh. It makes me feel good, it rejuvenates my heart! Said the mischievous eye, the founder of the eponymous oil mill.

Emile Noël is much more than a name on an organic oil label, much more so than the picture of a reassuring face on a catalog. It has existed and was the mainstay of this company, which will soon be 100 years old. Passionate and demanding, he devoted his whole life to oil and today the future generations have taken over always with the same passion and desire to offer the best products.

Famille Noël Accueil


A family business full of know-how
Our oil mill is the partner of organic farming around the world. It provides us with organic seeds and oleaginous fruits to squeeze our oils, into ingredients to make our products.
The manufacturing process used by the Emile Noël oil mill is a traditional and traditional method, which uses old screw presses, carefully maintained, for a slow and gentle extraction of the oil.
In order to offer its consumers optimal quality of oil, Emile Noël can be described as a builder of chains constantly looking for the best seeds and fruits in the four corners of the world.


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Toasted Pumpkin Seed Organic Oil


Organic Mostard Tandoori


Organic Mayonnaise with Olive Oil


Organic Pitted Black Olives

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